basilico is a London based pizza company with eleven branches across London. I built them a responsive site (works equally well on mobile, tablet and desktop).

The site features:

  • Their full menu with nutritional information and, where relevant, the ability to filter menu items by ingredients (eg vegetarian, no pork etc).
  • A highly configurable front page slideshow. This allows basilico to selectively highlight news item, competitions and menu items
  • Increased access to contact details for all of basilico branches and maps showing all or individual branches.
  • A series of contact forms for a variety of different enquiry types. These include a complex form for those who wish to apply for a franchise.

In addition to the site build I have an ongoing relationship with basilico running their email marketing with MailChimp. At the time of writing basilico are regularly mailing out to thirty eight thousand existing customers. All of the emails are themed, by me, in the same style as the main site maintaining a coherent brand image. I provide basilico with full reports on email performance and also work closely with basilico to generate ideas and content for news and competitions.


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