Body Gossip asked me to rebuild their site. They had an exisitng Drupal site built on an older version of Drupal and therefore didn't benefit from the many improvements in the platform. They also had:

Working with Ruth Rogers, co-founder of Body Gossip, we came up with a site which:

  • pulled the large number of films on their YouTube channel to be pulled in to the site.
  • plugged their book and t-shirts.
  • allowed visitors to the site to share their body image stories.
  • provided an up to date news feed.
  • detailed other Body Gossip activities - BG on Tour and Body Gossip School.
  • was a mobile first design working beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop.

During the process of building the site I trialled a few different themes to discover what the right look for the site would be. With Ruth's feedback and feedback from her supporters we decided on a bold design that echoed the look of the Body Gossip t-shirts.

As Body Gossip had such a wide range of content I built the final site to have a wide range of layouts and leveraged Drupal's modular system. This allowed me to provide a variety of content on every page to encourage visitors to discover new sections of the site.

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