The core of Mr Natty's site is his online shop. The shop is powered by Ubercart, an e-commerce system which is endorsed by PayPal. For the sake of simplicity Mr Natty processes all of his payments through PayPal using the Ubercart payment gateway and latterly he is also using Sagepay

Initially, the site was only selling within the UK but as the business has grown so have the number of countries that Mr Natty ships to. When customers enter their delivery details the site automatically calculates the shipping relevant to their region.

Increased sales have also necessitated an improved administrative interface. The flexibility of Drupal meant that new custom admin pages could be created. The facility to update multiple records at the same time has proved to a great time saver when Mr Natty is porcessing orders. It is a failing of many online systems that bulk database updates are not possible - this is no problem for me building with Drupal.

The design stage of the site was particularly interesting. Matt's business partner Matt, is a talented creative director. He had clear ideas of how the site was to look and I built the technical infrastructure behind his vision of the look.

In addition to the shop the site also benefits from an entertaining blog and integrates with MailChimp.

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